Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hi -

My friends and family have been after me to start a blog. I'll need a lot of help so I'm hoping you'll ask me questions and give me advice about what I'm about and what I ought to be doing. My only promise is that I will read anything you send me and take to heart all constructive criticism -

Fortunately, this site knows more about what I'm about than I do - somehow it found my first attempt after I went looking to see what this blog looks like. So far, I've been busy dyeing and posting ( ) on my Etsy shop but I'm looking to branch out so that I'll remain fresh. Currently I'm in the middle of a 'Summer Sale' and percolating new colorways. I'll post some of my ideas over the next few weeks between visiting and helping with my grand daughters (twins 10 weeks old), spinning - I love it!! so relaxing, and developing a line of silks for NUNO felting.

I'll be back tomorrow. Need to find out how to get pictures up on the blog site. GAIL

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Mary said...

YAY!!! Gail has a blog!! :)