Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finished Shawl

From time to time I've been sent pictures of finished products which have astonished me. The way the yarn metamorphoses under talented people is inspiring to me and keeps my creative juices flowing. I have wondered how to showcase these efforts and this is my first attempt. Jennifer Weissman, shadystroll on Ravelry, sent me these pictures of a shawl she knit using my Poet Seat superwash Merino and silk yarn called ‘Down Under’ from a Ravelry pattern ‘Catenary’ created by Kiersten Brandt. Not only is her craftsmanship beautiful but her photography skills are also outstanding. She said, “what a lovely yarn, and what a beautiful colorway! I really enjoyed working with it and love the finished product…. the simplicity of the pattern works beautifully with a variegated yarn. And yes, the yarn is a dream to work with! So soft, and the colors were just lovely. I dropped everything else while working on this project because it was such a pleasure.”

I hope you agree that this is a good way to recognize the efforts of talented people and to share their work and joy. I hope to be doing more of this in the future. Please give me your feedback. Who knows, I might even figure out how to incorporate the pictures and the commentary so they are not stacked up on one another.
Best, Gail


melissaknits said...

Very beautiful!

Anne Buchanan said...

Yes, Gail, please post more! It would be great to see more of the kinds of things people do with your beautiful yarns. This is a lovely shawl indeed.

rinebird said...

Beautiful work.Love the photography too.