Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fixing up the Painted Lady.

This is the reason we have been spending the summer here at home. At the end of last year we noticed lots of paint peeling on the north side of the house. So as soon as the winter was over, we found a painter brave enough to paint a 3 story Victorian at the corner of two busy streets. Even planting a ladder is a challenge with the sidewalks and cars passing by. Tom Suchanek and his crew of students and friend Joe George were up for the challenge.Tom is the retired athletic director from Greenfield High School and former major league baseball player. He certain knows how to command respect and works as long and hard as his crew. (One of his crew is his darling son,Ryan who was just back from his honeymoon and is a teacher at Cushing Academy.)
Since I have fiber everywhere in my house and was in the midst of dyeing a large order for the Stitches Midwest shipment for Webs, I had dyed skeins of yarn all over the place on the porch, on the clothes line, you name it. Many of the younger men were confused by exactly what I do and probably still are! A few of them went home with yarn for their Moms and Grandmothers.
The most startling finding was the dry rot at the top of the clapboards near the roof. Apparently the water ran off to the side and caused the area to rot. It is very clear that Tom gave the house a really thorough going over. The areas which looks like eyesores look just like new. It was really interesting to hear all of the passers by making comments like: "you missed a spot" or "great job". It feels like we are ready for the winter with the house safe and sound with a new coat of paint. The Painted Lady has had a face lift. Great Job Tom and gang!

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