Sunday, August 10, 2008

Visit with my joeys and why the Kangaroo?

People ask me why I am called The Kangaroo Dyer. It has nothing to do with Australian fibers or something exotic from "down under". The genesis of this trademark originated when my sons were very young. At the time I was making quilted totes and baby blankets for my family and friends who, too, were having babies. One thing lead to another, and after a period of time people wanted to purchase my creations. My sister Joanne is very clever with marketing and writing. We tossed around ideas about a label and she asked me what I wanted my work to symbolize. The most important thing to me have been my sons, Ross, Casey and Tim Burns. (Above photograph left to right, Ross, Kangaroo, Casey and Tim.) They always came first. A close second is my need to be creative. We came up with the kangaroo because she has her babies in her pouch, and her hands free to do other things, like quilting, weaving, and now dyeing. I have used this logo for almost 40 years, and she has survived all of the changes. I am fortunate to have a very creative brother. Bill is a graphic artist now living in New Hampshire. He designed the original kangaroo. She recently had a makeover and she looks quite happy with the results.

These photographs were taken last month in New York City, where the three of them are living. Ross, Casey and Tim arranged a birthday dinner at the Landmarc restaurant. It was delicious; especially the mussels! I forgot how much they eat. The refill of the bread basket reminded me of the old days when I could not keep enough food in the house. Afterwards we walked around Columbus Circle and went into the Essex Hotel to see the rooftop gardens and meet some of their friends. It could not have been a better birthday.

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Lynn said...

Hey, I found your blog! Congratulations on starting it - I can't wait to read more!