Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New scarves and yarn

I've been right out straight with family and work obligations so I've not had time to keep you informed of my doings... On the right, you can see a silk Crepe de Chine scarf called 'Sedona Hills' and below is a picture of 'Sea Glass' also in Crepe de Chine. They are both available on my Web site (http://www.kangaroodyer.com/) and on my ETSY page.
I've also created a new line of Kid Mohair and Silk in a range of pastels. I'll be posting them later but you can have a sneak preview with 'Zinnia' which is a delightfully soft and fuzzy yellow.
The other posted yarn is 'Beach Towel' in Superwash Wool and Nylon. I just loved the way these colors came together and they reminded me of my recent trip to the Ogunguit Beach.
So little time, so much to do........

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ChickenBetty said...

Ogunguit - Where the women are strong and the men are pretty! We used to vacation in Wells when I was a kid - I love it up there.

Happy to see you posting, gorgeous as ever.