Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Balloon Fest and Web Site

It's been an exciting 6 days since the Web Site went live! I know from the emails that the site is being used as well as from the sales. PayPal is a little uneven in its handling of S&H Charges but with patience and understanding , it will all work out. The same old policies continue - if you are avercharged for S&H, a refubd is issued promptly.

Saturday night the Balloons went by - I thought you might like to see how close they were to my house.

Best, Gail

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livnletlrn said...

In case you haven't figured out why Paypal and Etsy don't play together nicely regarding shipping charges (it took me months to figure it out), here's the solution:

It's a paypal setting that needs to be changed, so it doesn't try to override Etsy.
From the Help section:
"Why is the shipping wrong on the PayPal invoice when I have the correct amount entered into my Etsy shop?
When the shipping charge on your PayPal invoice is incorrect, you'll just need to adjust your PayPal account settings. If you need to revise the invoice for the customer, go to your PayPal account and click on "request money" to send a corrected invoice.

To check your PayPal settings:
1. Log into PayPal at www.paypal.com
2. Go to My Account > Profile > Shipping calculations (in the Selling Preferences column)
3. Select the Shipping Method and click Edit
4. Select Yes for "Override shipping methods per transaction" and press Save Changes.

Please note that if you have not set up any Shipping Calculations in PayPal, the default is to override shipping methods per transaction (you should not need to change anything). Also note that the above instructions are for www.paypal.com; other country-specific versions of PayPal may differ slightly. "

Oh, and for those visually inclined, here are the screen caps: