Thursday, July 16, 2009

Launch day + One

The first day of the new Web site ( has been exciting and not without its moments of terror. In trying to get the site up, I lost it completely! Gone - new site, old site, original site. I was devastated! Fortunately, the team helping me (Susan, Sherry and Ernie) had anticipated my every move and had backed up the next to the final version so when I sent up my SOS Sherry was able to resurrect the site and I've put back some minor changes (like a better picture of me) and have added more yarn. Over the next several days I plan to get as much up as possible without trying to duplicate my ETSY site.

The Victorian Pastels Lace Weight Alpaca and Silk Yarn has an accompanying Scarf created for me by one of my friends. I've included more pictures here to show off her exquisite work.

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